28 March 2014

NAEA Annual Conference 2014.

I'm excited to be back at NAEA this year. I'll be sharing two presentations. If you're here at the conference please come by and say hello. For a preview, click through below. 

On Monday, March 31, at 11:00 am, Convention Center/Meeting Room 30A/Upper Level, I will be presenting Their Work, Not Mine: The Student Centered Studio Classroom. This is an updated version of the presentation I gave by the same name two years ago in New York. Click HERE to visit the companion site I built. 

On Sunday, March 30, at 11:00 am, in Convention Center/Meeting Room 28B/Upper Level, my colleagues and I will be presenting Handmade, Hardwired: Embracing Technology in the Studio Classroom. Click HERE to see the companion site.

05 March 2014

Using video to reflect on process.

Lately the art teachers at my school have been asking our students to create video reflections. Most students use iMovie, some use other programs. I have found these reflections to be very revealing...it provides another outlet for the less verbal student to express themselves and values process over product. At the end of the first term of Senior Studio here's what seniors have to say.

To see photo students talking about finished work click HERE and to see one of the best video reflections ever made in our department click HERE.

06 February 2014

Blog revival.

image from 9th grade math classroom.
I'm thinking of trying to revive this blog. A lot has happened and is happening in the classroom and for me personally. I've done some redecorating. Thanks for coming back. Here we go...

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