21 May 2009

great shots

17 year old boy on tricycle.


s.a.t. scores came online at 8am today. does the college board hate teachers? i mean how do they expect the kids not to check on their phones and laptops and then how do they expect us to keep teaching after the freak outs about how they're not going to be able to get into any colleges start.

it is only 9am and i've already had kids in tears, running to the bathroom, and worries that have run from academics into appearances and back. i wouldn't want to be a teenager today for all the money in the world.

by the way, it's only been the girls who are freaking out this way. they asked me what i worried about when i was in high school. other than looks and body image...i can't remember.

20 May 2009

...and we're back.

yes, it's true. i haven't posted to this blog in over a month and i've pretty much neglected to post anything about my third term classes. there are a couple of real reasons for this like...i got engaged to a fellow teacher (more on that later) and i got a puppy which i've been running home to during all my free periods.

but my lack of posting is about more than that and i'll try to keep writing about it as it becomes more clear. in some ways i started checking out when my seniors did and in some ways it's been good for me. i have a tendency to take this job too seriously. i think i've also needed this blog less as an outlet...but i'm not sure yet why that is.

my plan for now, though, is to go back and tell the story of my classes after the fact because, in part, this blog serves as a curriculum map and journal for me and because even though i haven't been posting i have been taking hundreds of photos just like i always do. it's possible this will be annoying for those of you following along through google reader and i apologize. i'll be back-dating and writing in the present tense and that might be wierd.
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