06 April 2011

What is beautiful?

Today I asked a class of seniors to list what they think is beautiful. Here it is in no particular order (the extra info in parentheses is directly from them)...

Mom (doesn't matter what she's wearing), the last hug, the naked body (in it's purest form; how you were born), music, snow, love & marriage, spring, flowers, silhouettes, sky, skiing, sunrise, city, meeting someone, Honduras, laughter, family time, Little Compton, 40 Beaver Pond Rd., Grace Kelly, green grass, happiness, the sun, painted toenails, eyes, clouds, lights, foliage, dessert, friendship, smell of wood burning in the fireplace, chic clothing store, classical music, old European cities, modern buildings, my room, Caribbean, Augusta National, good story, shell fish, trees, new baby's smile, sunset, funfetti cake, mountains, autumn, insects, beach, forest, night, my grandmother's hands, the top of a mountain, sunny morning after snowfall, candle light service on Christmas Eve, Vermont, waves, camp fire, rings, feeling loved, watching your parents joke around.

I was a little surprised and very encouraged by the depth of some of their responses. Music and love were listed the most often (what else is there after all?) and, in spite of the toughest, longest winter in their short lives, quite a few students listed snow. I remain hopeful about the future of the human race.

05 April 2011

Sketchbook Love.

I think these are so gorgeous I had to include them all...full size. Scroll down and enjoy.

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